The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge–Day One

I remember being in awe of the blogesphere last year during the month of April. So many bloggers participating in the WEGO Health’s Writer’s month long challenge! Just what this scared, breast cancer newby needed.  I learned a ton about breast cancer and survivorship by reading the posts generated by this challenge–and became aware of this greater community concerned with cancer and other illnesses. I felt like I was auditing a freshman level class on BC.

This year, the challenge is back and I’ve decided to participate. And if you are so motivated, you can join me in writing about health for 30 days–or just check out the challenge–at

This month I may be writing as a newby to the HAWMC, but I am no longer a newby to the world of BC. I started writing this blog 4 months ago because I felt I could no longer ‘audit’ this intense learning experience and sit on the sidelines. I needed to write about my experiences, to process them and to share with others. Mainly, I found that I wanted to join the conversation. I have done that. Now I want to challenge myself to keep up with this month’s challenge of a heftier writing pace.

It shall be interesting.

4 thoughts on “The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge–Day One

  1. When I started my blog I felt the need to document my surgery and first of all felt a diary …….then though no in this age of technology a blog was needed… But it is a challenge to put yourself out there… Good luck with your latest challenge… That is inspiring ……


    • Thank you! You are so sweet. It is a challenge to put oneself out there, but it is rewarding as well. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my writing–which reflects growth in my thoughts and feelings related to life with BC and an increased awareness of the issues involved. I was soooooooo clueless! As an educator, I’m also a lifelong learner, and do feel this compulsion to pass on what I learn. Slowly finding my voice in regards to BC, though, and challenges like this might help.


      • For the challenge do you create a new blog or continue the one you are doing??? Looked at the site and was a bit overwhelmed by all the options!!!


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