It’s Complicated

Check your PTSD people. Last Monday night I had a totally different direction mapped out in my head for this week’s post. I had read a column over the weekend about an author’s ‘likes’ so far during the pandemic and I myself attended a really upbeat Coping with COVID Zoom session on Monday evening where […]

Adapting to Culture Shock

Culture Shock Many people who enter and live in a new culture for more than a month experience what has been labeled “culture shock.” This means the newcomer will experience feelings such as not belonging, alienation, unworthiness or inadequacy and may lose touch with his or her own real feelings. In many ways, the person […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

So, this post is for my mom. Simply put, my mom is a beautiful lady. However, that doesn’t even begin to describe just how layered that statement is in truth. This woman has taught me much more than she ever receives credit–such as the importance of family and friends and building community wherever you are […]