‘Blip’ Status Report

This current feeling of life is ‘good’ seems a bit strange. My feet are up while watching the season finale of “Necessary Roughness” (a little eye candy is fun) after an odd little two months, a prickly six months, an intense year. My complicated cyst found on December 19 is benign. My ovarian cyst found […]

Mardi Gras 2013–Final Week

So, Word Press stats are rather interesting.  Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching ‘mardi gras 2013 boobs pics’ which linked the person to a prior Mardi Gras post of mine. Bet this person was in for a rather rude awakening to find a blog about a woman’s experience with breast cancer–who also lives in […]

Super Bowl 2013

Didn’t have a chance to write this post last week, but wanted to document the positives of being in New Orleans for this year’s Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day (which was definitely highlighted on tv!) and Terry and I biked down to the River–with me clicking photos most of […]

OUCH! Ouch! Ouch.

Friday, February 8- Had my second biopsy in two weeks today, the third, well actually the fourth, biopsy in fourteen months. The first biopsy was actually an attempt. That one was going to be an ultrasound guided biopsy in the surgeon’s office, but after getting me all prepped and laying there on the table, ready […]