‘Blip’ Status Report

This current feeling of life is ‘good’ seems a bit strange. My feet are up while watching the season finale of “Necessary Roughness” (a little eye candy is fun) after an odd little two months, a prickly six months, an intense year.

My complicated cyst found on December 19 is benign. My ovarian cyst found in an ultrasound in October has disappeared. Found out both details this week.

Breathing easier.

5 thoughts on “‘Blip’ Status Report

  1. Hey JoAnn. I thought I signed up to receive updates from your blog, but I didn’t. I missed this whole horrible experience you have been going through. So happy it ended well. Sending you a big cyber hug! Love, Marilyn


    • Hi Marilyn! Thanks for both messages–I’ll respond to your email after this one! 🙂 According to my WordPress stats, you are now following me and will receive emails when I post–as of today! 🙂 Barb tried registering with her phone before Christmas, but didn’t get notices and so had to re-registered. Now that I’m STARTING to understand this blog thing, I’ve been following more blogs. Tried to sign up with yours in the past couple of weeks; however, I may have to revisit. I don’t think I did it correctly. Gotta love social media! 🙂
      Anyway, big cyber hugs back!


  2. I have never been so happy to hear that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS GOING ON! One stupid question, though–how does an ovarian cyst disappear???
    Just a few more weeks until Spring Break……


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