My Most Favourite

September 2022 Let me set the stage. A warm Friday night and Chicago is still buzzing with magical summertime energy. I’ve had an early morning Reclast infusion to help my body deal with its osteoporosis, as well as attended the Celebration of Life service and luncheon for my dear ROW teammate, Brigid, with over 25 […]

A Good Run

It was a good run. I kept COVID away for 2 years, but finally tested positive on Tuesday. My biggest take away? Iā€™m super grateful for my COVID (x 3), Flu and Pneumonia vaccines. I’ve had numerous sore throats, bouts of nasal congestion, head aches, etc. over the past 2 years, always assuming the worst, […]

My 1992 Playlist

1992 was all about motion. A stop in Chicago to visit Elyse on the train to Denver. Spending January thru April working as a ski check girl and living in base housing for employees at Keystone Mountain in Summit County, Colorado. A trip to Atlanta to see Kerry for a visit. Continued that trip on […]