Post 299

My Vanda is back in bloom!!!

Blooming in the midst of the adversity of the past few years.

It’s been two years since these beautiful buds last appeared around here.

Very fitting and a reminder.

11 years ago, on December 1, 2011, a follow up mammogram and ultrasound left digital impressions of three masses on my right breast that were “highly suggestive” of malignancy. It took another 2 weeks to confirm that indeed I did have breast cancer, but December 1st is always going to be my cancerversary.

Cancer has definitely been an adverse condition in my life, but despite it–and in some cases because of it–my life has often bloomed like my Vanda these past 11 years.

Thanks to not taking care of that lovely and very meaningful orchid my grandmother sent me when I was recovering from my mastectomy, I went on a mission to learn how to care for these beautiful plants and currently have over 25 orchids thriving in the condo.

I wouldn’t have started a Caring Bridge blog without my cancer diagnosis and will always be grateful for my cousin Marilyn’s suggestion.

I would never have joined the ROW community or gained all of the support I have received these past 8 years.

I would have never been motivated and nudged by my therapist Rebecca to join the blogosphere 10 years ago with this blog, Searching for EMWA, and would not have crafted together the 298 posts I published prior to this one, sharing my story.

There has been plenty of adversity swirling around me since my Vanda last bloomed, but there have also been these beautiful sunlit days that magnify the blooms of my Vanda, just like there have been those days that put a spotlight on the magic to be found in this crazy world.

So, I want to thank you for having joined me for even a post or two (or more than 250 if you are my mom, cousin Marilyn, or sister friend, Kelly!) of this blogging journey of mine so far. It means a great deal to me.

And, here are some beautiful blooms to share with you to maybe help lighten your day.

You’ve got this.

4 thoughts on “Post 299

  1. Those blooms are spectacular! Thank you for sharing. And thanks for the mention in your post. I’m so happy you started blogging and look forward to every new post! Hugs to you!

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  2. Omg, this Vanda is simply gorgeousā€¦ and I remember the last time it bloomed!! It is just me or is this bloom even more prolific and stunning???

    Your sister-friend would like to retire and try to grow a vanda!

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  3. Your father and I are so proud of you and always have been. The way you handle adversity and make the best of it is a wonderful attribute. The orchids are simply gorgeous! Just like you!

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