A Safe Harbour

  Harbours: Safe Protected Calm waters even in the roughest weather Gathering of boats and passengers from all over Place to mend sails, fix broken rudders, and clean the hull Trade Restock supplies Hiding place It was probably decided last fall that I would not be returning to my old school for the 2018-19 school […]

On Turning 50

50. 50 years. 50 years old. What a kick! I’m still kicking. I woke up Saturday to the smell of cake baking in the oven. My mom was making her magical German Chocolate Cake for my birthday–in her kitchen that was in the middle of a major renovation. German Chocolate Cakes have been a yearly […]

My 2018 Words

In 2013, I was inspired by a number of other bloggers to start the New Year with a Three Word Mantra rather than traditional resolutions. I chose Agility, Openness and Creativity and focusing on those three words worked so well, I continued to choose three words for 2014 and 2015. My 2014 words were my spin […]