Hmmm…this year is definitely about growth and openness to trying new things. Trying to use my iPhone to compose this post isn’t quite the easy peasy process that I’ve gotten used to with Word Press on my PowerBook. However, after losing a large section of an earlier post–one that had already been published–a couple of […]

Lean on Me…

“I think my strength comes from other women…None of us could last by ourselves.” Gloria Steinem A number of posts recently written by other bloggers have been swimming around in my head. They all deal with support, community and friendship–issues that have been very close to me for years, but especially since moving to New […]

Exercise. Just Do It.

After more than a week of night sweat induced insomnia leading to a fog of fatigue, a friend at work inquired as to whether I’m getting enough exercise. I was a little defensive when I replied that “Of course I am! I’m walking the dogs in the morning.” Which meant that I went home with […]

Fast Track to Menopause

For over a year, my oncologist has mentioned that she wants my body to go into menopause. With my ER+ breast cancer–where my type of cancer thrives on estrogen–estrogen is my nemesis.  I’ve been taking Tamoxifen, which interferes with my body’s production of estrogen, but it hasn’t put me into full blown menopause. I’ve had […]