Exercise. Just Do It.

After more than a week of night sweat induced insomnia leading to a fog of fatigue, a friend at work inquired as to whether I’m getting enough exercise. I was a little defensive when I replied that “Of course I am! I’m walking the dogs in the morning.” Which meant that I went home with the nagging feeling that my morning walks aren’t quite enough and so I decided to make use of the clothes tree/stationary bike sitting in our bedroom for an evening ride. Needless to say, I woke up Thursday with more energy than I’ve had in a while thanks to sleeping more soundly. Another ride Thursday evening resulted in a second night of refreshing sleep and an energetic Friday.

Nothing like a positive outcome to reinforce my fitness ‘intentions’ for 2013!

And there is even one good aspect to losing an hour of sleep this weekend thanks to daylight savings time: an extra hour of daylight after I get home from work so I can exercise/play outside.

2 thoughts on “Exercise. Just Do It.

  1. At least one of us is doing a 2013 “intention!” I have done nothing but laundry since Andrew and I recovered from a hideous stomach flu….I only missed one day of school since we were lucky enough to get another snow day last week!!! Got the drive today in the mail!! Thanks a ton!!!! Good luck sweating on the bike instead of the bed!!


    • Oh, no! Spending a snow day with the flu?? Not fun! I’m sorry, snow days are supposed to be fun! 🙂 Hope you are all healthy for your upcoming spring break!! Are you going off on any adventures?


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