Breaking My Heart

Terry started working in New Orleans three months before I officially made the move here myself. I made a number of visits to check out the city and help find housing; however, I didn’t officially make the move from Chicago until August 2009. I packed up our condo and coordinated the movers while still rehabbing […]

On Shirley Temple Black

As a girl, I loved Shirley Temple. As a PCV/RPCV, I respected her involvement in foreign affairs and diplomacy. As a woman in my mid-40s, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, I admired her being so key in the 1970s to removing the secrecy surrounding this nasty disease. As a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at the […]

Compendium of EMWA–January

com•pen•di•um [kuh m-pen-dee-uh m] noun, plural com•pen•di•ums, com•pen•di•a 1. a brief treatment or account of a subject, especially an extensive subject; concise treatment: a compendium of medicine. 2. a summary, epitome, or abridgment. 3. a full list or inventory: a compendium of their complaints. So, my January Compendium of EMWA goes something like this: Things […]

The Iceman Cometh!

Wow! January was a handful! At school we had bomb threats, broken water mains, and inclement weather impacting five of our school days. Two days were no school days; one was a no student day; another was a delayed start; and one resulted in the school being evacuated while the bomb dogs could sniff the […]