Komen & Kohl’s Klueless Kampaign

When we moved to New Orleans, nearly 4 years post Katrina, there were a lot of stores I missed. Ikea, Crate and Barrel (especially the Crate and Barrel Outlet), Trader Joe’s and Costco were only a few of my favorites that I was missing. However, I was excited to find there was a Kohl’s in Baton Rouge, about an hour’s drive away. After a couple of years of that nonsense, a Kohl’s opened up in Covington, across the Causeway, about 45 minutes away and I was very excited. It’s not like I have gone that frequently, but I have tended to head over about 4-5 times a year.

Imagine then how disappointed I am that Kohl’s has jumped on the breast cancer band wagon in a most frustrating way. Please read The Accidental Amazon’s excellent piece explaining the frustrations of many in the breast cancer community in Komen & Kohl’s Klueless Kampaign.

And while you are at it, check out Scorchy’s take at Komen SHAME!

One thought on “Komen & Kohl’s Klueless Kampaign

  1. Dang, Accidental Amazon is a very thorough investigator and writer!!! I have not been to a Kohl’s in a while and now will not go….obviously the pink elephant is a rip-off! Is there anything they won’t color pink??


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