Compendium of EMWA

com•pen•di•um [kuh m-pen-dee-uh m] noun, plural com•pen•di•ums, com•pen•di•a 1. a brief treatment or account of a subject, especially an extensive subject; concise treatment: a compendium of medicine. 2. a summary, epitome, or abridgment. 3. a full list or inventory: a compendium of their complaints. Marie at Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer does a very cool Weekly […]

On Annie Oakley and Wonder Woman

Off the top of my head, I can go through a list of women who were my ‘heroines’ from childhood: Annie Oakley Queen Elizabeth (the present) Amelia Earhart Elizabeth I Helen Keller Wonder Woman Isis The Bionic Woman Nancy Drew Trixie Belden Laura Ingalls Jo March Babe Didrickson Eleanor Roosevelt I either read a biography […]

A Prompt From My Past

I took my old copy of Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States into school a couple of weeks ago and the above document popped out. It was from high school and one of my amazing writing/reading/thinking/creating/living out loud English classes. It reads: WRITING          WRITING           WRITING           WRITING             RESEARCH           DREAMING            WALKING Study (research) a planet.  […]

Sleeping with Masks

Back in the spring, I mentioned that thanks to my shot every three months bringing on menopause, I was experiencing major night sweats and they were not only making me miserable, but they were enhancing my snoring. In turn, my snoring was driving Terry crazy. Over the years, he has tried ear plugs, but they […]

Since it is a Football Sunday…

So, AnneMarie, over at Chemobrain, wrote a great post last week about Brandon Marshall going against the NFL’s pink tide and October focus on breast cancer ‘awareness’. Brandon, who plays for the Chicago Bears and has personally dealt with mental illness, choose to wear green cleats instead of the NFL sanctioned pink, in honor of […]