The Complete Workout

Way back in March I started an exercise plan. Post-cancer diagnosis life can be confusing in regards to what is the healthiest game plan. One heart health study says that red wine is good for you and the next day the breast cancer study says even one glass of red wine a day is to […]


Everything felt out of control last October: The damage Hurricane Isaac left to our apartment meant our landlord was freaking out and threatening renovations that initially would have had us out of our apartment for an extended time Our new dog, Bleu, had managed to chew through 6 pairs of my shoes in less than […]

Houston–and the SCAR Project

I have been in Houston for a couple of days attending a dynamic International Baccalaureate conference. I just wish the conference had been a week later. I am going to miss attending The Scar Project exhibition which is here in Houston from October 17-28. The SCAR Project is a unique photography exhibit that includes a […]

October 14, 1960

One of the things I am most proud of is my involvement with Peace Corps–as a Volunteer, Recruiter and RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer/alumni). 53 years ago today, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy stood on the steps of the Union at the University of Michigan and challenged students to do more. With just 381 words […]


My husband is an avid football fan. There was tension between us related to football when I supported the University of Southern California (I worked there for a year or so at the turn of the century) over the University of Michigan in a Rose Bowl game, but in general we get along just fine […]

Fall Break

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! After 3 years of going straight from the 1st of August to Thanksgiving with only Labor Day for a break, New Orleans charter schools are finally adding a fall break to the schedule! My school’s 4-day weekend is much needed by everyone–including teachers who were back to work July 29th this year… Yesterday was […]