Fall Break


After 3 years of going straight from the 1st of August to Thanksgiving with only Labor Day for a break, New Orleans charter schools are finally adding a fall break to the schedule! My school’s 4-day weekend is much needed by everyone–including teachers who were back to work July 29th this year…

Yesterday was a ‘me’ day and today is a play day with Terry. We’ve started with a round of golf at City Park. Beautiful day!

To add to the ‘change-up’ in my schedule, I’m heading to Houston Sunday-Tuesday for an International Baccalaureate workshop and than spending Wednesday and Thursday at a Louisiana Board of Education training in Baton Rouge.

I bet I’m missing my students by next Friday when I head back to the classroom.


5 thoughts on “Fall Break

  1. It’s about time they incorporated a Fall Break! Daniel started school when you did and he has a two-week break, from Oct. 14-28 (older kids only have one week off). Just enjoy yourself and the, um, fall weather in TX and LA?????


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