HAWMC Day 30–Made it!

Made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today’s Prompts: Today, write a recap of your experience.  What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned? Back in January, I posted my Three Word Mantra, which is a collection of my new years resolutions in an overarching word set. My words this year are […]

HAWMC Day 29–Congratulations

Today’s Prompt: We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost! Today seems like the perfect day to revisit my poll from Day 16–Misinformation. The answer is… …not Colorado. I ski bummed the winter of 1992, before […]

Day 28–Must Follow!

Today’s Prompt: Create a must follow list for your community on a single social network. Share your top 5-10 tweeters, blogs, or Facebook pages. What a week! Monday and Tuesday were fine, I even did my Pinterest, Day 24 assignment a day early. However, teaching–and all of the other responsibilities that can entail teaching in […]

HAWMC Day 22–Day to Day

Today’s contribution to WEGO’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is all about giving props to what we appreciate the most. My challenge–keeping this list at 10. The ‘I’m a Lucky Girl’ List 1. Terry 2. Zoey & Bleu 3. My Parents 4. Barb 5. Grams 6. Good Friends 7. My Peace Corps Family 8. My […]