Jumping into the Mix

Two years ago, my primary care physician wanted me to get a baseline mammogram. I’d spent the first 3 years of my 40s too busy to get one. Too busy with finishing grad school, healing a torn ACL, moving to New Orleans and trying to manage a toxic work environment. Too busy. Two years ago, my primary care physician didn’t feel anything abnormal in her own examination of my breasts–and I had not felt anything odd either–so she wasn’t pushing for me to get my mammogram done immediately. We discussed that I could wait until after BC Awareness Month was over and all of the hoopla had died down.

A year ago, I entered Pinktober with much trepidation. A year ago, the wounds of being officially diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2011 and the treatment that followed were still fresh and raw. A year ago, the month of October found me in a deep enough funk that I sought professional help. A year ago, I was in the churning, dangerous part of a crashing wave of emotions, not sure what was going on or understanding my own reactions.

This October, I am in a much different place and ready to deal with this month head on. One of my accomplishments of the past year, was successfully completing the April WEGO health blog writing challenge–

–where I wrote 30 posts in 30 days.  In honor of (in spite of???) Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m revisiting that challenge and have set the goal of composing 31 posts throughout the month of October related to BC and my experience.

One post down, 30 to go!!

4 thoughts on “Jumping into the Mix

    • I know! I’m kinda stretched thin, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂 Hell, this past month I co-organized the set-up of my school’s media center/library, took on two more classes/one prep for the remainder of the semester thanks to a vacancy, and had to deal with another vacancy in my own department. I’m keeping focused on what I am gaining from this crazy little experience, however! It’s all good–and it’s sure better than being seen as a threat/someone to beat down like 3 years ago.


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