The Iceman Cometh!


January was a handful! At school we had bomb threats, broken water mains, and inclement weather impacting five of our school days. Two days were no school days; one was a no student day; another was a delayed start; and one resulted in the school being evacuated while the bomb dogs could sniff the building. Craziness!

While many of you have been experiencing truly Arctic air and sub-zero temps, I thought you might appreciate New Orleans’ version of a “snow day”…

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Don’t giggle too much. One of the guys at Costco warned me to stay off the roads because “us southern folk are like the 3 Stooges when it comes to driving in bad winter weather.”

Anyway, besides weather and man-made drama in January, there was a lot of political posturing going on with the change in administration. Also, senioritis is hitting our seniors early, and since I teach all upperclassmen, this is a drag on my energy level.

On the home front, one of our canines, our baby girl Zoey, had at least one seizure ten days ago and she has been acting strange since. IMG_9094She had 4 or 5 seizures in late August/early September, but there hadn’t been a replay in 4 months. We’ve been to the vets 3 times since this most recent episode (plus one time for Zoey’s partner in crime, Bleu, for something minor) and with blood work, x-rays and lead tests (yes, we were concerned she might have lead poisoning) all looking normal, our vet is concerned this could be a brain tumor. Needless to say, this has been extremely stressful for our little family unit. We have decided to have an MRI next week, which while not cheap, will hopefully give us some clarity into what is wrong.

IMG_1938Thursday, Friday and today were good days for us, however, and for those I am very grateful. Zoey went to daycare with Bleu on Thursday and Friday and while not quite back to her old self, she has been showing energy and perkiness which makes me happy.

It’s definitely challenging to be in the caregiver role. I’ve been surprised at how helpless I feel–and how exhausting it can be. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn these shoes and it’s never an easy fit.

At least Zoey and I have Terry and Bleu.


4 thoughts on “The Iceman Cometh!

  1. Bomb threats, crap weather in NOLA, bad drivers, bad seniors, and a sick family member??? Sorry January sucked!!!!! Hopefully they will find what is up with Zoey!!


    • Yes, it did. Hopefully February will be better! Hey, it looks like the Nyx Krewe is going to let RPCVs march in their parade this year (Wednesday, February 26). Should be interesting. You should come!


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