Fast Track to Menopause

For over a year, my oncologist has mentioned that she wants my body to go into menopause. With my ER+ breast cancer–where my type of cancer thrives on estrogen–estrogen is my nemesis.  I’ve been taking Tamoxifen, which interferes with my body’s production of estrogen, but it hasn’t put me into full blown menopause. I’ve had some mild symptoms, like mild night time hot flashes, but not menopause. So last Monday, Dr. G. decided enough is enough and gave me a shot of Lupron Depot to bring on the big M.


The impact has been immediate. Major hot flashes and fatigue are in full effect.

6 thoughts on “Fast Track to Menopause

  1. Oh, crap! At least you got the shot after Mardi Gras season….wish it was already Spring Break/Summer vacation for what you are going through…all those preps and all those hot flashes!!!!


    • I know! At least I’m not dealing with this nonsense during Mardi Gras season! Not sure which is worse–hot flashes/night sweats or 4 preps…hmmmmmm…spring break will be here soon! 🙂


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