Hmmm…this year is definitely about growth and openness to trying new things.

Trying to use my iPhone to compose this post isn’t quite the easy peasy process that I’ve gotten used to with Word Press on my PowerBook. However, after losing a large section of an earlier post–one that had already been published–a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d better revisit Word Press via iPhone and confront my learning curve. Why not while on vacation? Here goes…

I left New Orleans Friday morning and drove the 740 miles to Englewood, FL, where my 93 year old Grams spends the winter. I met up with my sister and her family (who were traveling from Michigan) at a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant near Lake City, FL and we drove the last 4 hours together. Barb and my niece rode with me and we were able to catch some valuable ‘girl’ time, talking and singing along to Pandora.

We have a full house at Grams’–5 adults and 2 pre-teens–and it has been a pretty unique opportunity to have the same Easter vacation time.

Saturday was drive-lag/chill day. Slept in and headed to the pool/clubhouse in the afternoon…even won a game of shuffleboard partnering with my nephew against my dad and niece.


Yesterday was church, nap and rollerblading before heading to our cousins’ house to play in their pool and eat a yummy Easter dinner.


And all 10 of us wrapped up the evening playing cards.


Today we are heading up to Orlando and Disney World. I haven’t been in at least 30 years, so this should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Wow–that pool looks super sweet!!!! And it is 40 degrees here in Ohio…Happy Freakin’ Spring Break! I am looking forward to hearing about Disney World with the family! I have never been….


    • I had to chuckle that a woman who has climbed the Great Wall of China, spent her honeymoon traveling the Amazon, and visited the Taj Mahal has never been Disney World. I’m surprised that you weren’t there yesterday, however. It seemed like half the country was there! 🙂


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