My BC Tackle Box. Nine Years In…Resources and Allies

I remember that a few times when I was a kid during our summers at the Cottage, my introverted side would kick in and I would need some space. I remember a few evenings grabbing my tackle box with its hooks, sinkers, and lures–the tools needed to fish–as well as a fishing rod and a […]

Why I Teach: Prom

Part of my Why I Teach series. I taught at Chicago’s Harper High School for 6 years. While I was there, only 6% of my students were reading at grade level and the school was consecutively listed as one of the bottom 3 high schools within the 60 or so high schools that were a […]

52 for 52

An update of one of my favorite posts. I’ve been extremely lucky. While the past few years have definitely been challenging ones, the bulk of my 50 52 years have been filled with lots of magic and adventure. I know a number of people who hide their age, but I’m of the mindset that I […]

Why Did I Get an Ed Degree?

This evening, the Chicago Teachers Union hosted an emergency tele-town hall meeting for its 20,000 plus membership. The current Chicago Public Schools plan is to have schools begin to reopen in January, with a small group of Pre-K and Cluster students returning in person January 11th and their teachers (and support staff) returning the week […]

Lights! Camera! Action! Intermission!

For the past number of years, Chicago Public Schools has collaborated with Google to present a summer tech bootcamp called Googlepalooza (named after the big summer concert festival that is now housed in Chicago, Lollapalooza) where teachers are able to attend a variety of sessions to learn various tech skills and tricks to help prepare […]

Remembering Zoey

Really missing Zoey this week… From 6 years ago: Our baby girl Zoey died on Monday, December 15, 2014. She almost made it to 2015. So close. It was a privilege to have been a part of her journey and to have been her mom. We adopted her when she was three years old, a […]