My Truth

Besides coordinating my Chicago neighborhood high school’s International Baccalaureate Programme, I also teach my school’s IB Theory of Knowledge course, which explores what we know through the different lenses of the arts, history, philosophy, mathematics, etc. Basically, it is a fascinating humanities class, which I enjoy teaching. After having everyone do identity charts where students […]

A Fellow Michigan Girl

One of the positive trade-offs to having been diagnosed with breast cancer over 5 years ago, is the many really special people I have met and connected with as a result, such as the members of my different care teams (NOLA and Chicago) and the wonderful women who share a cancer diagnosis, breast cancer in […]

On Losing My Moorings…

Some of my earliest memories include sailing on my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ron’s boat on Lake Saint Clair, which lies between Michigan and Canada. It was always an adventure to be out on the water and with AL & UR always giving Barb and I responsibilities and opportunities to learn, my memories are active ones […]