The high point of 2021 for me, hands down, has been returning to the water with ROW and my Recovery on Water teammates. After a nearly 19 month extended indoor season of Zooming and Ergs, we were back in the boats again May 2nd and it has made a world of difference to return that […]

Zora B

Our fur baby, Zora, passed over to the other side on Wednesday.     100% border collie, always vying with her mamma as to who was in charge and on ‘her’ schedule. Such a beautiful girl, our panda bear and energizer bunny combined.   Always ready for a walk, even if the vestibular disease that […]

Behind the Curtain

Last year, I was introduced to the Barsch Learning Style Preference Inventory during a professional development, prior to COVID sending us into remote learning. It really resonated with me as an educator, a teacher who tries to reach as many of her students as possible by understanding where they are coming from; however, COVID kind […]

Clean Up In Aisle 6!

I’ve spent 7 years of my life so far living in areas that have plenty of experience dealing with multiple high and low intensity hurricanes. I lived on the island of Antigua from 1992-1994, one of the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, a northeastern part of the Lesser Antilles chain, which has experienced numerous hurricanes […]