Mardi Gras 2013–Final Week

So, Word Press stats are rather interesting.  Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching ‘mardi gras 2013 boobs pics’ which linked the person to a prior Mardi Gras post of mine. Bet this person was in for a rather rude awakening to find a blog about a woman’s experience with breast cancer–who also lives in NOLA and loves Mardi Gras and who has never had to flash her boob(s) to get beads!!

Anyway, had a great Mardi Gras (long) weekend #2 this year! My friend Carol was in town staying with her family, the rain held off for the most part, the parades were fun, and we were able to catch lots of cool ‘throws’. Here is my second attempt at a photo gallery–and my first attempt at including video/audio footage. Make sure to click on one of the photos in the gallery if you want to view the pictures via slide show. You might want to play this first Zulu Parade clip and listen to it while looking at the photos. Just a suggestion. Also, there are more video clips after the photo library. Enjoy!

Zulu Parade

Mardi Gras Weekend #2 Photo Gallery

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More Video Clips

610 Stompers strutting their stuff 

Dead Rockstars dressed as Rick James? 

Zulu Parade

Zulu Parade

Zulu Parade

Down in the Quarter

Sights and Sounds from the Quarter

I will send a Mardi Gras goodie box to the first person to identify the artist singing the song the 610 Stompers are dancing to! 🙂

Happy Mardi Gras!

4 thoughts on “Mardi Gras 2013–Final Week

  1. I LOVE Terry’s shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you and Carol had a super time, rain or shine! The throws are incredible! I see why you mentioned the 610 Stompers when we were down in NOLA…hilarious! Maybe Dave will know the song…..OK, the Rick James tribute dancers looked like a cross between KISS, Elivis, and Rick himself…..


    • Aren’t they awesome? He was working on them Monday night like a little cobbler. Too cute. I have to work on my videography, but I am excited that I figured out how to upload the video to the blog. Sound and motion are such a big part of Mardi Gras! Definitely get Dave to figure out the artist and I’ll send some goodies! 🙂


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