Super Bowl 2013

Didn’t have a chance to write this post last week, but wanted to document the positives of being in New Orleans for this year’s Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day (which was definitely highlighted on tv!) and Terry and I biked down to the River–with me clicking photos most of the trip. Lots of city rehab projects were put into motion because of the Super Bowl and the city was looking good!

Here is my first attempt at a photo gallery with some of my photo highlights. Click on one of the photos and it should take you to a slide show of all the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2013

  1. Great pictures! Looks like a gorgeous day for a bike ride!!! We, on the other hand, are still waiting for a snow day…the only perk of living here in the winter!!!


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