OUCH! Ouch! Ouch.

Friday, February 8-

Had my second biopsy in two weeks today, the third, well actually the fourth, biopsy in fourteen months.

The first biopsy was actually an attempt. That one was going to be an ultrasound guided biopsy in the surgeon’s office, but after getting me all prepped and laying there on the table, ready for the procedure, my surgeon decided that this form of biopsy wouldn’t get the results he wanted and opted to reschedule and do a stereotactic biopsy at the hospital’s breast care center. The stereotactic then became my first real experience with a biopsy–and it is by nature a rather uncomfortable procedure, smashing your breast for a mammogram type reading and needle placement–and my whole breast was bruised for over two weeks. It didn’t help that I had failed to listen to the instruction that once the ace bandage was off, I should wear a tight sports bra as long as I was feeling pain and discomfort. I learned that compression is key.

My second completed biopsy was two weeks ago in the surgeon’s office. This was a needle biopsy and he only drew liquid, but it was very uncomfortable–especially considering I was expecting the pain and discomfort of the stereotactic biopsy. I had been given a valium to relax me; however,  it didn’t help and I not only felt a big Ouch! when he gave me the shot, but I had to close my eyes so I didn’t look at the big needle being used. No music or idle chit-chat to distract me either. The good news is that after this procedure, however, I was able to go to a Hornets vs. Rockets basketball game on two Tylenol and entertain out of town guests during Weekend One of Mardi Gras. No lingering pain! Yeah!

My reaction to my third biopsy this morning was interesting.  It’s been warm here in NOLA and I went to the breast care center with a top and a fleece for my 7:30AM appointment. I walked into the center and felt the temperature drop. I was cold! When I went into the ultrasound room, I started to shiver, to the point that I could hardly sign and date some forms that needed to be completed. Can we say anxiety presenting itself in a new manner? I had never reacted like that before. The ultrasound technician and the radiologist, however, were awesome. We chatted about life and Mardi Gras and had an ongoing conversation throughout the entire procedure. I was told by my nurse navigator before the biopsy that this doctor prides herself on her patient’s not feeling pain–and it ended up being true. I felt an ‘ouch’ when she gave me a shot to numb the biopsy area, but other than that, I did not feel any pain and very little discomfort. I understood what they were doing and the conversation was much more effective than the valium that my surgeon had prescribed to relax me in my first two biopsies. They weren’t distracted from their responsibilities, but I sure was distracted from over-thinking everything!

Now to wait for the core biopsy results to come in. Glad I’m going to be distracted with the final weekend of Mardi Gras!

4 thoughts on “OUCH! Ouch! Ouch.

  1. I have been waiting for this post….wondering when they were going to finally do this next biopsy after you waited for the previous one to be done then waited for the results…..sounds better than the rest! And the results are due when???
    Was thinking about you guys when I heard about the bad weather, so I hope no parades were cancelled….and I know nothing was cancelled after the four people got shot on Bourbon on Saturday! Enjoy the days off of school!!!!


    • Results won’t be in until probably Thursday…with Mardi Gras being a local holiday, well, test results will just have to wait.
      No NOLA parades were cancelled and for the most part, the bad weather stayed to the north and really didn’t rain on our parades! I hope to post a Mardi Gras in review tomorrow…wiped out tonight! 🙂


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