Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

So, this post is for my mom.

Simply put, my mom is a beautiful lady. However, that doesn’t even begin to describe just how layered that statement is in truth.

This woman has taught me much more than she ever receives credit–such as the importance of family and friends and building community wherever you are in life. She made sure we attended Sunday dinners at my grandparents, placed summers at the Cottage as a priority, grew up with an appreciation for our immediate family, were raised as active members of a church congregation, and recognized the value of continuously nurturing and strengthening core relationships with extended family and friends.

There were occasional times while Barb and I were growing up where Mom claimed she wanted to go live in a lighthouse so she could escape from the drama, but she always worked through whatever was going on and continued to surround herself with family and friends. These people were her team and over the years she became the team manager. She made sure Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions were maintained; birthdays, graduations, and showers were remembered; that my parents showed up when they were needed; and that as our grandparents aged, they were supported.

And it was the same at home when we were growing up. Dad might have been the head coach and PE teacher, but Mom was the athletic director who managed our team, made sure we were active and involved in everything from skating, swimming and ballet lessons to school performances, and above all else, made sure that we were–and felt–supported. This support still continues. While my good friend Kelly may come close, my mom is also my most loyal reader of my blogs. My parents have been there for all of my moves and have visited me wherever I have called a place home. I know they have ‘my back’.

Maybe because she has always been such an avid reader, I don’t always think of her as being the energizer bunny, but she is. She’s always doing something! From making sure there is always yummy food (potato salad and Sloppy Joe’s are Barb and my favs) available around the house to creating beautiful afghans, keeping in close touch with my parents’ friends, playing cards or a new game, being a supportive spouse, and being an awesome grandmother, she is always busy!

Luckily, she has also taught me how invaluable photographs are to document a life lived well and help tell a family’s story.

Thank you, Mom, for all you do and who you are!!!!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!!!!!!!! Yes, I read all of your posts but no one compares to mom!!! And I do not make potato salad or sloppy joes!!!! 😬

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