HAWMC2013–Day 2–Introductions

This is my Day 2 post of the WEGO Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Day Two’s directive is to either introduce your condition/your activism or share links to 3-5 of your old posts (or posts from other Health Activists) that will help the newly diagnosed.

I spent the day at Disney World yesterday which means I didn’t have a chance to write a Day 2 post during a whirlwind day. Today, I’m on a bit of sensory overload with all of the humanity present at the Magic Kingdom and trying to decompress, but will try to cobble a coherent post together.

The journey to where I am today in 5 posts or so…

1) It all started with a call I received while riding the ‘L’ in Chicago during Thanksgiving Week 2011 about concerns with my first ever mammogram. My December 19, 2011 post confirmed that my mammogram results of late November were accurate: I have breast cancer.

2) After my December 28, 2011 outpatient mastectomy, I posted about my first follow-up appointment with my surgeon which gives my BC stats.

3) The best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was finding out that I would not be doing chemo at this point in my cancer journey.

4) My attempts at finding a new normal are summed up in my 6 months out post.

5) I was not counting on a blip showing up in my first mammo post mastectomy, but I was relieved to find two months later that the blip is benign.

Which brings us to this Spring Break–and this HAWM Challenge!

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