Comfort in the Overlap

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.

Ani DiFranco

This past month has been a busy one in regards to my health. New insurance went into effect. Had my annual mammogram and check-up with my oncologist. Had the re-scheduled (from September) ultrasound of my uterus which discovered polyps and necessitated the scheduling of a D & C to remove the polyps. My rockstar gynecologist of more than 15 years, Dr. C, is outside my university health care network and so when I needed to obtain surgical clearance for the D & C, I had to deal with some drama in getting in to see a primary care physician. Oh, yeah, and the blood work that Dr. C had done in late July and again in October showed that I have hypothyroidism so when I went to the new primary care physician about my pre-surgical clearance, I was given a prescription for Levothyroxine. Trying to wrap my head around the idea of needing to take this medication the rest of my life is kind of a trip, but first things first. The EKG that the new primary care physician’s office performed showed that there was an abnormality and so I had to go in last Monday for another EKG and my first stress test, which is where I left you all off last week, as I was impatiently waiting for my promised results.

So, regardless of some peculiarities (that reminded me too much of how I was treated nearly 7 years ago when I had my mammogram and ultrasound that showed the tumors that were my breast cancer) and there not being the follow-up as promised by end of day, I did get a message back last Tuesday that my echo was normal–so I was all clear for my D & C yesterday. I posted the ‘all clear’ last week on Facebook, but with life just continuing its forward progression, I didn’t have time or energy to post an immediate follow-up to Searching for EMWA and basically decided to wait until after my D & C. I’m going to throw the ‘hypothyroidism’ card here! 🙂 Anyway, tried to pick a fight with Terry on Friday night and realized that I was not processing my Monday procedure very well. The realization helped me calm down my anxiety and also give Terry fair warning, which resulted in a really decent weekend.

Can I just say, Monday’s D & C was the most low-maintenance surgical procedure of the past decade, the most low maintenance of my luckily limited surgery experience. Driving from the Southside to Northside during rush hour was as always, a stretch, but it was a lovely sunrise and I got some beautiful pictures while Terry was driving.


The care of Dr. C and her team was wonderful and I was in and out in less than 4 hours. I also did something I’ve never done before: I asked my post-surgical nurse if I could write as I was coming out of anesthesia and this wonderful woman actually found paper and a clipboard for me to use. And I wrote. What a trip and a fascinating way to deal with post surgery.

Here are my (anesthesia induced) post-surgery ramblings:

My mind going at 1000 mph


So impacted by the meds

What we remember???

Medicine impacting what we remember.

OMG I came out of anesthesia totally ready to talk.

So fast! It’s over. Would be fascinating to record people’s reactions coming out of surgery. I remember nothing of procedure. Last memory ‘ouch’ not warm, a burn. Stream of consciousness.

Kindness of post surgery nurse is so awesome!

Thoughts of how dark & cold I felt coming out of anesthesia after mastectomy. Flashbacks. Chattering. Cold.

10:42AM Such a chatter bug right now.

I’m fascinated with all the hyper thoughts & ideas rolling around.

NOT Cold… loving this funky heater thing I’ve got keeping me warm. Such a different vibe than coming out of mastectomy. Wow. Brain is slowing down.

I survived surgery!!!!!!! 


*Memory & history & drugs…Who’s writing about it? Documenting reactions to meds/coming out of anesthesia.

*Coming out of this feeling extremely hyper & positive.

Such a sweet nurse.

*Wow. I went out like a light for this surgery!!!!!! Ouch w/the drugs & then I was out before I hit the nurse’s desk. 

*This warming hose is amazing!

*Such a wonderful post op nurse…called me beautiful, but so perceptive in letting me write.

This procedure has probably been most positive one to date:

-Positive nursing staff

-Totally trust Dr. Chams. So grateful for that relationship we have.

-Love this heating hose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Being able to write while coming off the anesthesia.

11:02AM Ready to go

11:12   In my room. Blog post re: update

Love that I had a nurse that gave me paper to write my way out of the anesthesia.

Terry took me to lunch and I was home taking a nap by 3. I was back at work today and didn’t hit a wall until the afternoon when all I wanted to do was curl up in a corner and sleep. However, I muddled along and even made it out to vote with T when I got home, with an hour or so to spare.

We won’t find out the biopsy results for 10 days or so and I will have follow up appointments with both Dr. C and my oncologist just before Thanksgiving. We’ll handle it when we get there.

What I was reminded of the most this past month full of medical appointments and procedures, reigniting my blogging, wrapping up the 2018 water season of rowing, so much going on on the world stage, and trying to live this life the best I can, was that the overlap I experience with so many people, is invaluable. There is great strength and comfort in my world and for that I am grateful.

And for now, this very tired one must get herself to bed.

Much love!

4 thoughts on “Comfort in the Overlap

  1. I’m glad the surgery went well. I know the heater hose of which you speak. They are quite wonderful! Will keep positive thoughts about the biopsy results. Hang in there. Sending lots of hugs and love. xox


  2. So glad the surgery went well and that you had positive people around you!!! Do not know that anyone has ever put pen to paper coming out of anathesia before. Not surprised that you would! Love you!!!!


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