The Weight of the World…

…has been lifted!!!

I don’t know what has been harder about this year. Has it been the whole losing a job & job search thing or the husband continuing to go through his own mid-life crisis & career shift or not being sure about how everything was going to turn out thing (in the life of a girl who habitually reads the ends of books before starting them)? There have definitely been a few too many ‘Happy 50th, Jo, isn’t life grand?’ moments, thrown in for my personal taste.

However, today was a good day. A mighty fine day, actually. Kicking off this infamous month of breast cancer awareness, we now have new medical insurance–after a month of cobra limbo land, fearing that the worst could happen at any moment–and I feel a ginormous sense of relief. Huge relief. Humongous. Relief that if something goes sideways at one of the 4 medical appointments I have scheduled this next week, at least our insurance is now in order and there is a layer of protection in place. Jumbo-tron sized relief that nothing catastrophic happened this past month. Massive and mighty relief that there were no broken bones or heart attacks or blood clots or infectious diseases.

An easing up on the troubles.



4 thoughts on “The Weight of the World…

  1. JoAnn, congrats on the new health insurance and sense of relief…something I have taken for granted. Enjoy all those appointments…how did you schedule all those between the new job??!!!


    • Had to schedule–2 periods after a year of none caused concern back in July, but I couldn’t get in earlier thanks to the summer & vacations/cobra coverage…ultrasound today showed polyps (good thing) rather than something suspicious and so I now have one less appointment on Monday (no biopsy), but a D & C to remove the polyps later in the month/early November. The mammogram and oncology appointment scheduled for Monday was extremely lucky in my scheduling last year–perfect timing since I didn’t have to reschedule this year!


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