Are You Tuff Enuff? Take 2

What an awesome way to spend the last Saturday of September…Racing in this year’s Tough Cup!

For the second year in a row, I was up bright and early to row in the Tough Cup along the South Branch of the Chicago River.  We had a chilly, yet beautiful, morning here in the Windy City, perfect to race nearly 5000 meters in a 4-woman boat with 3 of my awesome ROW teammates and our wonderful coxswain, Kendra.


Crazy to be done with my race by 9AM (shwew!!!!!) and fun to be able to support my teammates who were racing in 2 of our 8s…

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hang with my teammates…

and Coaches…

…snap some pictures.

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and add some swag in the form of ‘speed beads,’ graciously put together for this race by Julie and Elaine…

I also thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon, grabbing yummy Caribbean food from Ja Grille in Hyde Park, walking the dogs and catching a much needed afternoon nap! 🙂

A simply fantabulous day!!!

Oh, and one more thing! I want to give a special shout out to the amazing coaches and coxswains of ROW who were out in full support Saturday morning!!!!!!!! #GoSheenaMonicaHemingwayLillyDevlinKendra #Rockstars

5 thoughts on “Are You Tuff Enuff? Take 2

    • 🙂 !!!! Hey Kel, the ital was super yummy!!!!! Reminded me of ital on St. Vincent–where I first had it. I’ve been needing lots of naps myself with the new job start time (7:15AM!!!!! wtf?????!!!!!!) and training…2 weekends of ‘head’ racing down, two more to go!!!!! Miss you! xoxo


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