Power 10 for ROW

“What really are the odds of finding this group, perfect for you, while walking your dog?!”

This is what my friend Kelly asked when she found out 4 years ago about my new involvement in this super cool rowing team for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. What were the odds?? While the odds of my being diagnosed with breast cancer were 1 in 8, I can’t even imagine how many stars had to align for me to find ROW. A new sport. Fantastic support. Amazing coaches, coxswains and teammates. Empowerment.

ROW’s Values

On Saturday, I am participating in the 8th Annual St. Pat’s Sprint for Recovery, where I’ll be out on the water when the Chicago River is dyed green, along with teammates, coaches, coxswains, volunteers and supporters of ROW–and I can’t wait! We will be rowing up the river raising funds so that this wonderful team can continue to grow, while maintaining sustainability.

In honor on Saturday’s sprint, here are my top 10 posts about the world of Recovery on Water and what this fantabulous team means to me:

Power 10 For ROW

My first post about ROW, basically an origin story, and what I had learned in my first couple of months as a novice member of the team.

This post reflects the sheer awe I felt rowing on the Chicago River that first season. It is also a blast from the past of the Eleanor launch site before the boathouse was built.

This is a rehash of my first year with ROW through the lens of my first winter indoor practice.

This was about one of the most positive doctor’s appointment I’ve had since being diagnosed with BC and the main reason being the impact of my ROW involvement.

My tribute to our teammate Christa, who we lost in the summer of 2017.

Fun reflections of racing in the 2017 & 2018 Tough Cup Races here in Chicago.

Just one of the nuggets that I have taken away from ROW.

The last outdoor row of the 2018 season on the Chicago River. Magical & photos courtesy of Coach Lily.

My power 10 lessons that I’ve gained from my wonderful ROW coaches.

The support I have received from the ROW community following my diagnosis of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s has been amazing–especially after I posted this piece! 🙂

And here are a handful of favorite ROW pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Saturday’s sprint is a fundraiser, y’all! If you are in a position to contribute to ROW, here is a link to my fundraising page:

JoAnn’s St Pat’s Sprint for Recovery 2019 Page

And on that note, thank you so much for reading and letting me share this amazing team with you!!

1-2-3 Go ROW!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Power 10 for ROW

  1. Am I the Kelly? The quote seems like something goofy yet mathematical that I would say! Have an incredible time tomorrow in the green waters!!!!! Send pics! Come visit in May!

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