The Importance of Showing Up

I’ve spent the past couple of months with plenty of blogposts swirling around in my head, with only a few that have taken any significant form. I know how good blogging can be for me and how much I love to write, but I know the kind of time blogging a decent post requires of me and I just haven’t been able to carve out that kind of time. I keep coming up with roadblocks and excuses as to why I don’t write. There always seems to be something.

The thing is, over in Recovery on Water’s rowing land, we had our winter team meeting a couple of weeks ago where the coaches laid out this winter’s off-the-water training schedule. It was a cool thing actually (ROW is just one of the many things I want to write about), complete with special incentives for team participation and distances rowed on the Erg machine. One of the things our coaches are always talking about is the importance of showing up and this was reiterated at the team meeting. Sometimes we will show up and things just aren’t clicking for that practice or we will lose focus and our times will go all over the place. But if we show up, we do at least get in a workout and we have the possibility of making it a good one. If we show up, we might be able to connect with our teammates (a definite positive), gain insight from our (cheerleading) coaches, or get out of a negative mental state that we are inhabiting through the physical and mental act of rowing.

Sometimes showing up, putting one foot in front of another, putting fingers to keyboard, giving kindness to someone (or ourselves) is crucial.

This holiday season is proving to be a challenging one for many and I encourage everyone to show up for each other and yourselves, to the best of your abilities. Be kind to one another. Be there for one another–and yourselves.

I wish everyone the ability to find and give the support, love, kindness and health that this holiday season represents.

Much love,



5 thoughts on “The Importance of Showing Up

  1. Thanks, JoAnn!!! Meaningful post!! Enjoy family and friends over break! We are on our way to Argentina via DC to spend time with Giancarlo ‘s Mom, stepdad, brothers, sister, and nephews. Happy New Year 2018!

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  2. Hi JoAnn,
    This is a great reminder of the importance of forming a habit that is not based on perfection but on intentionally showing up. I understand the hesitance to do this in blogging; where do you begin to put all those ideas into posts? Like your rowing team, once you decide you’re going to blog more regularly and show up, I think you’ll find the same discipline you do with rowing. Now, I need to apply that same concept to reigniting my exercise schedule– especially to counterbalance the negative impact of the holidays! Thanks for this encouragement, Connie

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