The Impact of High Turn Over

Seriously???? Why is it that my medical team here in Chicago is starting to resemble a charter school staff with it’s obnoxiously high turnover rates? No one sticks around for any extended time!!! In 2017, my oncology primary care physician of 2.5 years jumped ship to become the director of another university’s adult cancer survivorship […]

I’ve Got Your Back

  I have my annual mammogram and oncology appointment in a couple of hours. Had a great weekend racing and rowing with ROW–despite the gloomy, temperamental weather. My network of support is in place. Still dealing with the anxiety of these appointments, but I am continuing to be in a better place in regards to […]

Happy 5th Blogiversary!!!!

An important anniversary slipped by last month, but it is not too late to celebrate! It’s the anniversary of¬†Searching for EMWA! While I technically started blogging on Caring Bridge in December 2011 to update family and friends outside of New Orleans (where Terry and I were living at the time of my diagnosis) and I […]

Rerun: Maybe I Deserve at Least a Smiley Face Sticker

On the heels of my positive mammogram results and oncology visit on Monday–and with the knowledge that I have continued to row and be active–here is a re-post from early 2016. Since October 2011–when I went to my gynecologist for a long overdue physical check-up, which led to a baseline mammogram at 43 that identified […]

Network of Support

Sunday night was the ‘Night Before’. You know, the night before an annual mammogram. Maybe you don’t. It’s a night that can be rather unsettling once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Is everything going to be ok? Just because I’ve hit the 5-year mark of survival, it doesn’t suddenly mean I get a […]