An Ode to Tamoxifen


6 years.

8 months.

8 days.

The gold standard of treatment for those diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer.

My safety net.

Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

The goal was 10 years, but might 5+ be enough?

Risks: blood clots, hot flashes, stroke, endometrial cancer, polyps.

Benefits: significant data that it reduces bc recurrence

Started February 1, 2012. Began at the beginning of the month so I would remember.

Oh, Tamoxifen. It’s unsettling to be without you.

Are we breaking up for good, or just taking a break?

6 years.

8 months.

8 days.


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Tamoxifen

  1. Am a fan of Tamoxifen from my aunt’s use. So maybe a temporary lull will be ok if you can return to it after procedures. Since you started all this, medical obstacles and hoops seem to have have expanded ☹️


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