A is for Antigua We Go

It’s been a little crazy since Terry and I took our first trip together to Antigua 2 years ago to the extent that all I managed to write about the experience was a paragraph in ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ and My Life Feeling Out of Whack’ and include some pictures. It seems extremely fitting to kick off my Spring Cleaning My Way From A to Z with this post.

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer on Antigua (pronounced Ann-tee-ga…the island might have been named by Columbus when he sailed by, but it became a British Colony and so the English pronunciation is the correct one) in the West Indies from 1992-1994 and made return trips in 1996 and 2004, but I had never gone back with anyone. We had an amazing time and I’m so grateful for the adventure!

We flew through Miami and arrived in the afternoon on Monday, January 2nd. After picking up a rental car, we made a quick stop at our guest house and headed right to my favourite beach, my home beach, Long Bay, before the sun set.

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Day 2 we headed to Half Moon Bay, on the Atlantic side of the island, where in 2017, no one had rebuilt the resort blown away by 1995 Hurricane Luis.

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We then went into St. John’s and to Runaway Beach, before heading back to the the guest house for dinner.

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Day 3, first thing, we headed to my former school in Bethesda, which is no longer in use. The post-primary section (high school for students not able to pass the exam to enter secondary school) was severely damaged in 1995 because of Hurricane Luis, but the primary section (elementary school) was usable for the next 20 or so years. However, due to decreasing enrollment, Bethesda Primary School was closed in the mid-2010s.

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After visiting Bethesda–and picking up yummy meat patties as well as an update from the owner of the local shop at the bottom of the hill–we headed to Nelson’s Dockyard, Dawes Hill and Pigeon Beach.

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Then we drove to Johnson’s Point via Fig Tree Drive. Believe it or not, there is now a company doing zip lining tours near Old Road!

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Day 4, I finally was able to meet up with my baby sister, Marcella, for an early morning swim at Long Bay! So awesome to see one of my most favourite people at my most favourite beach.

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The rest of the day was spent visiting Jabberwock, Dickenson Bay and Ft. James.

While the evening was spent listening to music up at Shirley Heights and having a yummy dinner in English Harbour.

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And Day 5 was actually my birthday! Woo Hoo!!!! Facebook Love. Willikies to visit my former neighbors. Devil’s Bridge & Long Bay. Hodge’s Bay to visit Mummy Bridget and the Harris Family.

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Yummy dinner at Coconut Grove with Terry and Marcella. Such a fantabulous way to end a magical day.

We were up early on Saturday to go on a boat tour of the island with Mummy Bridget. Such a wonderful adventure and opportunity to spend time with Dame Harris, my homestay mom.

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Power was out on Saturday night, but we still had a yummy dinner at Trappas.

And then, like that, it was time to go home.

Last day of our trip, I made one last visit to Long Bay and went to church where I was able to see Bridget and her granddaughters and our former Associate Peace Corps Director, Elenora Lake.

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And then we were checking out of Ellen Bay and returning our rental car.

And flying home.

Hoping our next visit is soon!!!!














One thought on “A is for Antigua We Go

  1. Love seeing the pictures and reading about the trip!!!! You guys did so much that I may need a nap after reading it…..ha!!!!


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