Spring Cleaning My Way From A to Z

In April 2013, about 4 months after I started writing Searching for EMWA, I participated in WEGO Health’s Health Activist Writing Month Challenge (HAWMC) and had fun playing with the different writing assignments we were given each day for 30 days. Revisiting some of those posts today, many still resonate, including April 3, 2013’s Wordless Wednesday and Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm…. I even wrote a haiku–and the comments crack me up! I was also struck how cool it is that all of the 4 people who responded to Hindsight–dear Peace Corps friend, Kelly; Elizabeth @ My Eyes Are Up Here (who I got to meet in NOLA! 🙂 ); Nancy @ Nancy’s Point ; and Helen @ Life in a Wheelchair and My Lymphnode Transplant , are still a part of my cyber world. Awesomesauce!

I’ve now been blogging at Searching For EMWA for over 6 years and while I’ve published 188 posts in that time, 30 in April 2013 alone, I have 38 drafts sitting around waiting. Waiting. Just lounging around and waiting. Waiting for what, I’m not sure. However, they sit. So, while we had a dusting of snow here in Chicago this morning and it was only 32 degrees Fahrenheit when I took these pics this morning and in some ways I’d rather keep my projects dormant, I’m ready to do some spring cleaning. And so this year, I’m going to jump on the 10th Anniversary A to Z Challenge and see if I can clean out my EMWA draft bin–or at least minimize the clutter.

But that’s not all!

In 2015, I started a genealogy/history blog called A Home for the Family Tree and did the A to Z Challenge that April. I was hoping that those 26 posts in 30 days would lead to more focused attention on writing about family history–both history and genealogy. That didn’t quite happen, so this year, besides writing for EMWA during April, I want to clean off the cobwebs of A Home for the Family Tree and see if I can get it to bloom.

This shall be interesting!

I hope you will join me on this adventure.








8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Way From A to Z

    • I know! Compared to others, I feel I don’t publish that much. However, when I realize I’ve published nearly 190 posts and I look back at the comments that have been made, the friendships that have been made and strengthened, it makes me feel realize that this blogging/writing thing is special. How are you doing, Helen? I hope well. xoxo

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      • I am going ok but have not been writing…I have lots of posts in my head but cannot seem to get them out onto the blog!!!! I think I understand what writers block is now … reading old posts I think wow did I write that!!! But do so love keeping in touch and reading others xx


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