I’ve Got Your Back

  I have my annual mammogram and oncology appointment in a couple of hours. Had a great weekend racing and rowing with ROW–despite the gloomy, temperamental weather. My network of support is in place. Still dealing with the anxiety of these appointments, but I am continuing to be in a better place in regards to […]

Be Aware

Originally posted on Searching for EMWA:
So, this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everything, part of my goal of writing 31 posts this month is to reflect on the BC ‘experience’. Last year, all I wanted to do was head to Upper Mongolia for a month because I was having a hard time processing…

City Lights

I was at a professional development this past year where our ice breaker was to identify the main reason we loved Chicago. What popped out for me was one word: LIGHTS. I love Chicago’s lights. Flying into O’Hare or Midway Airports after dark, the lights laid out underneath, guiding the way, so precise. Sailing into […]

The Weight of the World…

…has been lifted!!! I don’t know what has been harder about this year. Has it been the whole losing a job & job search thing or the husband continuing to go through his own mid-life crisis & career shift or not being sure about how everything was going to turn out thing (in the life […]