Be Aware

5 years later, I’m attempting another personal writing challenge and a month long blitz of posts. 5 years later, it often feels that little has changed in the public’s understanding of breast cancer awareness.

Searching for EMWA

So, this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everything, part of my goal of writing 31 posts this month is to reflect on the BC ‘experience’. Last year, all I wanted to do was head to Upper Mongolia for a month because I was having a hard time processing all of the heightened ‘awareness’ of a disease that had left me a bit traumatized. At the same time, I was also soaking up information to try to make sense of things–but with few outlets to discuss my research and grapple with my understanding.

One of the things I was getting a crash course in was metastatic or Stage IV breast cancer. Yes, the deadly kind. This is when the breast cancer spreads to other parts of your body and there is no cure. Yes, there are treatments, BUT THERE IS NO CURE for this disease. I had a mastectomy and…

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