Hmmm…good news, but more waiting

Hi All,

Sorry for the rant last night. I know I need to vent, blogging is proving to be therapeutic, and I want to document my experience, but I don’t want to freak/stress people out either…

Anyway, that said, I finally heard from my surgeon’s office late this afternoon. The liquid removed and tested from the aspiration biopsy on Friday was benign. This is the good news. However, there was tissue in the cystic area that my surgeon couldn’t biopsy that he feels should be studied further and so he wants me to have a core biopsy done at the breast care center at the hospital by the radiologist that discovered the cyst.

It shall be interesting to see how long it takes for this biopsy to be done & results to come back…

In the meantime, I am definitely getting drawn into the Mardi Gras/Super Bowl Festivities–which I will cover in the next couple of posts.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Hmmm…good news, but more waiting

    • Thanks Kel! Core biopsy has been scheduled for next Friday, February 8th at the BC Center of the hospital. Test results will come back…?????? At least I’ll be distracted with Mardi Gras, Carol’s visit and Barb & Fam’s visit after Mardi Gras.


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