The wait continues…

At the rate things are going, it’s going to be 6 months before I get any results on this complex cyst in my left breast.


If I did not have a history of breast cancer, when I had my mammogram on December 19, 2012, the breast care center radiologist would have suggested I come back in 6 months to do a follow-up mammogram/ultrasound. However, since I do have a history, she recommended an ultra sound guided biopsy. No big deal–just get a biopsy and the results and come up with a plan one way or the other. Easier said than done, apparently. Biopsy didn’t happen until Friday (5.5 weeks after the mammo) with results expected back yesterday or today. Being a good patient I called to follow-up at about 4:30 this afternoon–and was told that my surgeon would call me back after he had finished with his patients. It’s now 8:30PM and I’ve still not heard back from him.

It’s hard to be non-reactive about all of this.

2 thoughts on “The wait continues…

  1. So, should we assume that no news is good news??? Or delayed news is good news??? Or……what??! Keep us posted and thanks again for everything in NOLA!!


    • Hey Kel! Thanks for the message! Delayed news is mixed news–it is what it is.
      So glad you all came to visit!!!! What a great time and so good to see you!!! Will send pics this weekend! 🙂


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