2 Months Post Surgery–February 26, 2012

2 Months Post Surgery

Written Feb 26, 2012 9:34am

Hello All!

I cannot believe that I am two-months post surgery! Wow.

I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to continue posting for a while longer.  I’m finding this CaringBridge blog–and the responses I’ve received–to be very therapeutic and helpful as I process the new world of breast cancer that I have been shoved into.

So, I’m a little tuckered out after a week of Mardi Gras vacation. Terry and I hosted 5 friends Saturday through Thursday in from Michigan and Chicago and it was a little crazy!!! Lots of parades, beads, music, people, good food and general partying. We went to St. Ann’s Parade, which is an unofficial parade through the Marigny and French Quarter, for the first time this year on Mardi Gras morning which was fun–but next year, if we go to St. Ann’s, we will have to dress up in costume and march in the parade! My favorite parades however, were before everyone arrived: the newest parade, Nyx, on Wednesday, February 15th and Muses, on Thursday, February 15th. Both Nyx and Muses are predominantly all-women krewes and the parades they organize have a very different flare than some of the more traditional parades. The throws (beads, trinkets, etc.) are better and you can get better spots on the parade routes.

Aside from Mardi Gras and hosting, I did make time on Friday to be fitted for a breast form/prosthesis. Now that was an experience. So, in Louisiana, most insurance companies and Medicare cover 3 mastectomy bras a year and 1 breast form/prosthesis every other year. Where does one go to get fitted or to order these contraptions? Macy’s? Kohls? Victoria Secret? Oh, no, contrare. It appears one goes to the Local Home Health Supply Store. Nothing against those places, they serve a purpose. However, I did not appreciate sitting next to an older man while I was filling out my initial insurance paperwork who was on a rant about euthanasia needing to be legalized in Louisiana because he is tired of all of his medical issues and just wants someone to end his life!!! Hello, this was not my idea of going bra/breast prosthesis shopping. Granted there was a nice private room once the fitting started and the sales woman was extremely enlightening, but come on! If I’m going bra shopping, I’m not going to be browsing in the blood glucose meter, wound bandage or walking cane sections of the store after I’ve been fitted!

Anyway, back to work tomorrow. I have to remind myself that we only have 4 weeks until Spring Break. You have to love spring semester!!

I hope all is well!

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