3 months out!

3 months out!

Written Mar 31, 2012 10:09am

I had issues sending this last weekend while on vacation and then it was back to the grind at school and a sick husband at home, so I didn’t have a chance during the week. I’m determined to send it this evening instead, so will leave the bulk of last week’s message and add a postscript at the end.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello from sunny Florida!

It’s been a busy month, but I wish I had taken a little time to write a message or two before now because I have been missing the messages everyone was sending. 🙂

I’ve been feeling surprisingly good for the most part. Lots of fatigue with being back in the classroom full time, however. Everybody forgets that I’m still adjusting (including myself) both physically and mentally–and so I find myself angry at times that I have too much on my plate.  On St. Patrick’s Day, however, Terry and I went for a long bike ride and realized that I have healed much, much faster from my mastectomy than I did from my ACL surgery 3 years ago. The bike ride felt sooooooooooo good–like I could fly! While I’ve been visiting Grams and my parents in Englewood, Florida, I’ve been swimming a lot. Yes, I’ve been incredibly self-conscious, but no serious wardrobe malfunctions and being in the water is awesome! Not impressed with the selection of swimsuits for those of us with body changes to deal with, however…

A cool story of the past month that has nothing to do with my health–but relates to the picture at the top of this post. I have dealt with Terry’s love of PS3 games with an Ancestry.com membership–he games, I do family research.  As a result, I’ve built some very cool connections researching family. Anyway, through Ancestry I connected in late-January with a very distant relative in England who happened to have a picture of my Grandma Cooper’s grandmother that I had not seen before. When I contacted him, it turns out that he not only had the picture in his collection, but he also had the 14 x14 sewing sampler of my Grandma Cooper’s great-grandmother that was made in 1863 (my great-great-great grandmother!). The best part? He sent it to me. From England! His family was the offspring of the third wife of Grandma Cooper’s great-grandfather, while she is the offspring of his first, and he didn’t feel that it should be in their care any longer. I just can’t believe it has survived in the kind of shape it has! It is beautiful!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

No work yesterday for either Terry or I (Good Friday) and I am totally appreciating this 3-day weekend. The weather is beautiful and perfect for playing outside.

Went to the surgeon on Wednesday and he is very pleased with my progress. He thinks it’s great that I’ve been swimming and biking, but was questioning why I haven’t been out golfing as of yet. Nothing like a little prodding from my doc the same weekend of the Masters to nudge Terry and I into going out golfing today. Not a bad round–I shot a 49 for 9 holes–considering I haven’t played in 6 months, had surgery 3 months ago, was having serious wardrobe malfunctions, and ended up stepping on a small clan of red ants out on the course. The dance I ended up doing because of the ants was quite humorous in retrospect. 🙂

Terry is better, by the way. He had a bad cold last week that turned into a respiratory infection, but didn’t go to the doctor until Wednesday. Amazing how quickly he has gotten over the illness with the right meds!

I hope everyone is well.

Happy Easter!!!!!!

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