A Little Touristing On St. Patrick’s Day

I had an appointment today with the Midwest Dental Sleep Center. Their doctors were the ones who hooked me up 7 years ago with this super cool device that helps me deal with my severe sleep apnea and get a good night’s sleep–without a super annoying C-pap machine. I hadn’t been back for a check-up appointment in a number of years and it was time. The appointment was positive and a new device will arrive in 6-8 weeks.

The best part of the day, though, had to be that the appointment took me downtown.

I love Chicago’s city lights at night and that it’s right next to Lake Michigan, but there sure is something magical, though, about being downtown on a 65 degree mid-March day, that happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. It was beautiful!

It felt as if I was sneaking in a micro-vacation.

Sitting for a while near the river by the Mag Mile Apple Store just soaking in the sunshine and the spring weather. Taking a detour to check out the Bean. Getting a free hotdog from a group promoting the new April 8th Major League Baseball Opening Day. Using CTA–Chicago’s public transit system–for the first time in 2 years.

And the best part was that even though I had all kinds of ‘to dos’ waiting for me at home, I gave myself permission to take much needed time to snap random photos of things that caught my attention.

Grateful for a little regeneration of my own.



4 thoughts on “A Little Touristing On St. Patrick’s Day

    • Thanks, Kel! It was one of those days when the photos were just calling to me!!! So grateful I got out! Unfortunately, woke up with a sore throat yesterday that hasn’t really dissipated. Home COVID test didn’t show anything, but will test again and get in for a PCR. Hmmm…1st week with CPS schools having the mask mandate lifted. Coincidence that I’m now feeling sick? There is only so much KN95s can do to protect one’s self. 😣


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  2. Chicago really is a beautiful town with so many special buildings and highlights next to Lake Michigan. Glad you were able to enjoy the day!


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