Sharing a Few Giggles

The past month has been an emotional roller coaster ride for many of us. In my world, there has been the fun of being in Chicago with the Cubs winning the World Series and the excitement of buying a new (used) car being totally overshadowed last week by the results of the US presidential election. It was hard there for a few days not to cave in to an overarching feeling of doom and gloom, to instead feel resilient and balanced and living with purpose.

However, sometimes, in the midst of some very serious world events and feeling that things were no longer spiraling out of control, but were officially OUT of CONTROL, you find yourself back home in Michigan at your parents’ house on a beautiful and sunny fall day, raking leaves with your sister, meeting the new next door neighbor who is less than 10 years younger than you, talking about the election results and action and how we got to this fantabulous day in November and before you know it, you and your sister are playing in the leaves, giggling like teenagers. And life feels hopeful again.


Hoping you can find a little hopefulness during these rather trying times!!



7 thoughts on “Sharing a Few Giggles

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