You’ll get your turn in the center ring. You can count on that.

Susan Silk and Barry Goldwater’s 2013 Op Ed sums up the idea of comfort going into your world while heart ache, drama and pain are heading out, in this great piece. I wrote a blog post about it in 2013 and also again 2 years ago when my sister was dealing with pneumonia. 5 years […]

My Sister is Back in the Center Ring

  A couple of years ago, I shared an Op Ed from the LA Times by Susan Silk and Barry Goldwater about Caregiving and this idea of the Ring Theory. Basically, when there is a crisis, the person who is experiencing the trauma is at the center, while everyone else is in rings around the person. Comfort […]

HAWMC Day 9–Caregiving and the Ring Theory

  In the last decade, my husband broke his clavicle and had 2 different surgeries while his mother suffered and died from congestive heart failure. In the past five years, I tore my left ACL and was diagnosed with breast cancer, both requiring surgery. You can definitely say that we have a little experience with […]