My First Strike

My ancestors were not Red Diaper Babies during the McCarthy Era or protesters involved in the Haymarket Riots of 1886 here in Chicago. I don’t come from a long line of social activists involved in protest movements or general acts of civil disobedience. I remember there being talk of a great-grandfather who was a union member while […]

Take Me To The River…

In the past, to me, the most amazing sunrises in Chicago were viewed from high-rise apartments that look out over Lake Michigan, while the most spectacular sunsets were seen from the deck of a sailboat while coming into one of Chicago’s harbors after a Wednesday night beer can race. Since beginning to row this spring with the organization Recovery on Water […]

HAWMC Day 9–Caregiving and the Ring Theory

  In the last decade, my husband broke his clavicle and had 2 different surgeries while his mother suffered and died from congestive heart failure. In the past five years, I tore my left ACL and was diagnosed with breast cancer, both requiring surgery. You can definitely say that we have a little experience with […]