Cleaning out the Cobwebs

I’m personally coming out of a very grueling winter and school year.

There, I said it.

I know many of us are not in good places right now. COVID fatigue. Cancer fatigue. Shock at what is going on in Ukraine. Continued thinking that we can just throw out what we have experienced these past 2 years and jump back to normal. Frankly, I have gotten neglectful of refilling my cup. I’m a giver and I give so much–as a teacher in an at-risk high school where my students have been the neediest ever thanks to COVID, while our administration has been the least supportive; as a wife to a husband who has been building his own business the past 4 years with all of its challenges and demands; and as a ROW team member who has tried to embrace the new role of member coach these past two years–that I run out of ‘me’ to share if I’m not careful.

I haven’t been careful.

I realized in February that I’ve been putting the act of giving to others or completing the mundane busywork of my life as a priority–without getting enough in return–which hasn’t been refilling my cup.

So, this March–which happens to parallel with this year’s season of Lent–I’m focused on doing a bit of spring cleaning, which in the past has helped to fill my cup. I’m hoping to reconnect with what is important for me, cleaning out the cobwebs, setting some new boundaries, and mopping all of that salt off of the floors that gathered this winter. Yes, it was one of those winters this year in the Midwest where plenty of snow required lots of shoveling and spreading salt around to keep everyone from slipping and sliding. Unfortunately, that salt leaves a nasty residue when the snow and ice melt–and why our cars get so rusty in such a short time! These past six months–on top of the prior 18 months of the COVID-19 experience–without much down time in between to process–have left quite the residue.

Part of the process of cleaning out the cobwebs and mopping the floors will include some writing and blogging. I know from past experience that when I get into a place like this, writing and blogging are key to refilling that cup of mine. Most days this next month, I’m planning to either write a new post, finally post something that I haven’t gotten around to posting, or repost a past favorite.

So far, so good this week. I’ve posted 2 reposts and 1 newsletter entry to my blog (and revised those posts as the week has progressed); fit in one round of King Cake baking on Lundi Gras (Monday) evening;

caught up on my grading for 3rd quarter progress reports; coached a fun virtual erg class; finally had an appointment with a new sleep doctor about my sleep apnea; got a new prosthesis and multiple bras from Chicago’s Second Act; and attended my first ever drive-in student play, Almost Maine by John Cariani which was put on by my school’s theater program.  So cool (and literally chilly, so heat lamps were a necessary addition) to see my students on the big screen while they helped out with concessions and ticket sales–and shared the experience with their families and the school community. Very fun and unique.

An added bonus?  Our temps here in Chicago hit 68 degrees today, and it has been wonderful!!!!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning out the Cobwebs

  1. I have enjoyed your March posts! It is 2 am..every guest is gone (yes, over 70 degrees here and we grilled outside for our friend’s birthday celebration) and the boys are all asleep. This is how I fill my cup!!! Of course those king cakes made me drool and made me want to snack this late, which seems to be how I processed a dysfunctional school year with two new admin. Ugh . Just a no good terrible school year.

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    • Yep, just a completely no good terrible school year. Can we put it in a time out??? Although, that is not a severe enough punishment, I’m afraid. Can’t wait for spring break!!!

      Love that you guys had a barbecue!!!! Awesomesauce!!!!!😉

      Hang in there. We are more than half way there.


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