Zora B

Our fur baby, Zora, passed over to the other side on Wednesday.

100% border collie, always vying with her mamma as to who was in charge and on ‘her’ schedule. Such a beautiful girl, our panda bear and energizer bunny combined.
Always ready for a walk, even if the vestibular disease that has been plaguing her this past year made her balance off kilter and her depth of perception skewed, especially the past 6 months. Because of Zora and her schedule, we walked all over our neighborhood in Chicago at least 4 times a day, getting to know our neighbors (both human and canine) and she was the main reason we were never (allowed to) shut in during COVID lockdown.
She was the one who taught Bleu how to say ‘hello’ and be more friendly–and has kept him company (and in line!) these past 6 years.
Zora, Baby Girl–Mommy, Daddy and Bleu love you to the moon and back.

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