Puttering Around


Chicago beaches are open!

Before I left the condo this morning to walk the dogs, Terry asked me what my plans were for the day. I told him I planned to “putter around”. This is the first Saturday in weeks, in months, where I finally have time where I am not on a set schedule or have a major list of time sensitive ‘To Dos’ to complete or have overcommitted myself or am not living life a little too fully. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at a point where I can go spend the day down at the Lake Michigan beach near our home laying around reading a book and napping; however, I feel this wonderful sense that I am no longer overwhelmed.

Since Christmas vacation, I’ve been in a constant state of motion, of dealing, of coping, of busyness, of getting things done, of pivoting and adjusting to change and loss, of giving so much of my energy and support to others, of trying to keep up, of managing my world. In all actuality, it feels like I’ve been in this constant state of change since the end of August 2020 when the school year started or even March 2020 when we went into COVID lockdown. However, I want to remember that–this morning, at least–I feel a calming sense of harmony in my life, that many of the parts of my life are in peaceful coexistence and I can mute the rest.

Today I get to putter along while listening to Chicago’s XRT radio play Saturday Morning Flashback, where the 1984 playlist they are playing is the jam!

The 2020-21 school year–as I’ve said before, the single most intense school year of my career–is in the books, finally wrapping up on June 23rd and I’m now 2 weeks into teaching 5 weeks of credit recovery summer school. I’m teaching English, which is a switch, but it’s only for 3 hours in the morning, class size is small, and I don’t have to spend much of my outside energy prepping for class. The kids want to hate making up credit during the summer, but are actually so happy to be in person, after more than a year of virtual school, that we are having fun. 

And this morning, I’m celebrating coming out of COVID hibernation these past 3 months. 

There have been graduations to attend:

A 4th of July trip to the UP and the Monastery with Terry & Father Ambrose setting up fireworks…

Two trips into my hometown for quick visits with family and to let the dogs play in the backyard:

Lots of ROW, including racing in Chicago Sprints last weekend, my 6th!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Grilling on the deck…

Hosting our first guests, my parents, after more than a year…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And loving that we are out and about in the city again!

I’m also super excited that my puttering around included downloading pictures and finally writing a blog post!

Here’s hoping you find space for all of your competing responsibilities, interests, and passions to peacefully coexist as we continue to navigate the latest COVID-19 realities.

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