Kicking it with COVID Cabin Fever

This January has been an intense month, simply put, in my world.  With all of the highs and lows, there has been a consistent middle ground feeling of ‘grey’ and ‘ugh’, a maddening frustration with this pandemic, and an almost overwhelming case of cabin fever.

On top of everything else, my (self-diagnosed) Seasonal Affective Disorder is in full swing. Chicago always gets a lot of grey, cloudy days throughout the year, but with it being January, we are still dealing with super short days (9.5 hours is the average amount of daylight we see) and that lack of actual sunlight can be rather bleak. When I’m living in the Midwest, this is the time of year that I ALWAYS leave town for a weekend or two (or three) and get a change of pace to help deal with the gloominess. Not this year!

I’m so over this pandemic–and yet know that we have a long way to go before COVID is done with us.

However, this past week, we started to get some snow here in Chicago, as well as some sunshine, which has helped.

As has being in the midst of a good old fashioned winter storm this weekend, one of the heaviest snow falls in years, which is making me feel like a kid.

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Being able to bundle up and go outside with our fur babies to walk, talk to neighbors who are out shoveling or pulling kids on sleds, and take some pictures was very fun!

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And most importantly, it felt like we were playing in the snow!

Hope everyone is finding ways to move through their own experiences of COVID Cabin Fever!!!


Postscript: here is a link to an article about digging out from the snowiest storm in 5 years.

6 thoughts on “Kicking it with COVID Cabin Fever

  1. You look so happy in that last picture! Hang in there, JoAnn. Wish you could visit us! I do (finally) believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe and be well. XOX

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    • I so wish I could visit, Marilyn! That would be so fun!!!! I loved California in January! And seeing you all would be wonderful. 🙂

      Finishing up this crazy 1st Semester this past week has helped a lot to lighten my mood, so there is that. Now if we can get our mayor to back off about returning students to school for awhile–so we don’t have to strike during a deep freeze–I’d be even happier. 🙂

      Hope you all are safe & well! xox

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  2. I love the pics…fresh clean snow is beautiful… the kids shoveled today while I watched premiere league soccer. Ha!!!

    I go to school tomorrow to welcome…like 5 kids with complex needs. I will call off sick next Monday when Daniel supposedly starts school. Wish us luck!

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    • Love that the boys were out shoveling! Any snowmen? It was the perfect weather here.

      Rank and file have voted for strike if it comes to that here, but no one wants to do it. Can’t believe they are calling Wave 2 (k-8) students back for Feb. 1–the last week of our 1st semester! The stress of a potential strike–with all of the virtual townhalls, fact we are trying to negotiate these issues during a pandemic, consensus building–as we are trying to wrap up such a crazy 1st semester, is insane!!!!! Rumor has it that 2 or 3 of the mayor’s communication staff have headed to Washington DC to work for a Fed Agency under the Biden Administration.

      So, are you working every day a full schedule or just tomorrow? Were parents given a choice of remote vs. in person for their children? If so, what percent of students are returning? Regardless, good luck!!! Hang in there this week and I will be thinking of you guys!!!

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