Remembering Zoey

Really missing Zoey this week…

From 6 years ago:

Our baby girl Zoey died on Monday, December 15, 2014. She almost made it to 2015. So close. It was a privilege to have been a part of her journey and to have been her mom. We adopted her when she was three years old, a gentle hellfire who was on the NOLA SPCA’s death row.

It is crazy to realize the five and a half years that she was a part of our lives is over. It just flew by!

The above pics are from the first six months she was ours. She arrived in our NOLA apartment before our furniture from Chicago did and was heading back to the Midwest with us by Labor Day weekend. She was a star in obedience class (border collie power!) and much loved at day care. She preferred most humans over other dogs, but loved her brother, Bleu, and cousin Magnus (when he grew out of puppyhood).

She loved Terry and I wholeheartedly–always racing to meet us when we came home. She hated baths at first, but in time she craved them and would jump into the bathtub on her own. She loved to chase neighborhood cats, squirrels at my parents and chipmunks at the Cottage–and her little brother Bleu when Terry brought him home before Hurricane Isaac in 2012. She was a wonderful traveler, the mellowest car riding dog I have ever known.  I will always marvel at how she was always ready to go on an adventure, even to the very end. People always commented on how beautiful she was–and she was, inside and out. She was there for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer–cuddling up to me in bed when I cried because I was so terrified of my diagnosis. She hated loud noises, such as thunder, and would find ways to hide or find comfort when the noise started–thunder in New Orleans was intense!!!!! She also hated when Terry and I raised our voices and would take off to the other end of the apartment whenever we had a heated discussion. She wasn’t in to mats or cushions, much, but loved my chaise and cozy spaces like under my desk. Another of my favorite memories is how Zoey liked to cuddle up with me in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings while I read or blogged, racing into the bedroom after going for a walk with Terry.

I will be forever grateful that she chose us.

This video was taken Thanksgiving weekend and shows that she had plenty of spunk in her step–even to the end.

I will always love our beautiful baby girl. Miss you Zoey, bunches and bunches.


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